Why we are here

Being a man in the 21st Century is no easy task. In just one generation, the expectations on men have changed dramatically.

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Men’s Business is Booming

If mens wellbeing were listed on the stockmarket, we have little doubt every analyst would recommend to BUY. Our stock of initiatives that serve the wellbeing of men is steadily growing and reaching more and more men.

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GET REAL at Manhood 2008

Wise-up fellas.

Not many blokes today are living their lives fully. So where in your life do you need to get real, step up, and take charge?

Super Early Bloke ends 26/8 REGISTER NOW!!
Autumn gathering SOLD OUT weeks in advance!!

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The Evolution of our Culture

For a number of years, men have been calling for another level of Mens gatherings, and on the weekend of September 14-16 experienced men gathered at The Rock to discuss the growing need for a new culture amongst men who have served this community well.

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Common Ground Groups

Common Ground does work for men!

Is your life working the way YOU want it to?
Do you realise theres MORE TO LIFE than your current experience?

“Its just changed everything” ……John R, age 43

If you always do what youve always done,
You will always get what you have always got.

Isnt it time for a change!

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Growing Up Male

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